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Hi, I’m Cherie – welcome to my blog! I have three children, all of whom like to bring their friends around to play in our garden. Sometimes I think the whole neighbourhood is out there! I can’t keep an eye on the kids all the time when they are outside and I have been worrying about what might happen with our pool. I’ve taught all our kids to swim, but not all their friends are confident around water. We decided that the best thing to do would be to upgrade our pool fencing so that kids couldn’t access the pool without someone letting them in. I started this site to share some of tips and advice we got when we were choosing the right kind of kid-safe fencing for our pool. Hope you find it useful!



Glass Pool Fencing: Why Consider Tinted Glass?

If you've decided that you want your pool fenced with glass, then you might think that your only option is regular see-through glass. In fact, some pool glass manufacturers produce tinted glass as well as regular products, giving you different options to choose from. While you may not have thought about using tints on your pool fencing, this does have some advantages. What are they?

Helping You Stand Out From the Crowd

Using tinted glass to fence your pool area will make your pool look a little different to the norm. Most people simply use regular glass here; add a tint and your fence and pool will really stand out and look special. For example, you can use off-the-shelf green, blue or even grey tints to create a style that highlights your pool or that blends in with other colours you use in that area. In some cases, you can have your fencing contractor use glass with customised colours if you really want to make a splash.

Helping You Hide From the Crowd

While tinted glass pool fencing can make a design statement, it can also increase your privacy when you're in the pool or relaxing by it. This may be especially handy if your pool is in the open and you have stickybeak neighbours who like nothing more than to check out what you're up to whenever you're in the garden. After all, if you use regular glass fencing then anyone who can see your pool can see you and watch what you're doing.

Feeling watched while you're taking a swim or enjoying some time out by your pool sucks some of the fun out of your free time. This could turn what should be a relaxing time into a frustrating experience, and it won't do anything to help you get along with your neighbours. If you use tinted glass fencing around this area, then you might solve this problem. Tinted glass reduces visibility for nosy neighbours, allowing you to relax without feeling watched or monitored.

There are various tinting and colouring options for glass pool fencing, from subtle tints to stronger colours. To learn more about available options that might suit your design and privacy needs, ask your pool fence contractor for advice. They will be able to talk through colour choices with you and tell you how tints may affect both the way your pool looks and your own visibility to the outside world.