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Pool Fencing Tips

Hi, I’m Cherie – welcome to my blog! I have three children, all of whom like to bring their friends around to play in our garden. Sometimes I think the whole neighbourhood is out there! I can’t keep an eye on the kids all the time when they are outside and I have been worrying about what might happen with our pool. I’ve taught all our kids to swim, but not all their friends are confident around water. We decided that the best thing to do would be to upgrade our pool fencing so that kids couldn’t access the pool without someone letting them in. I started this site to share some of tips and advice we got when we were choosing the right kind of kid-safe fencing for our pool. Hope you find it useful!



Some Quick Tips for Choosing a New Fence for Your Home

Your home's fence should be functional so that it keeps your children and pets inside and keeps intruders outside, and also marks off boundaries between neighbours. However, it can also look very attractive and enhance the appearance of your yard, if you choose the right material and style. Note a few tips for choosing a new fence and discuss these with a fencing contractor as needed.

1. For maximum security against intruders

Glass is very difficult to climb as it doesn't offer a toehold, although it doesn't offer privacy either. You can add to the privacy of a glass fence by planting shrubbery and landscaping inside it. Wood fences can be difficult to climb, and these offer maximum privacy.

Wrought iron bars are very difficult to climb, and especially if you add pointed finials at the top. As with glass, wrought iron offers no privacy and you may need to choose your landscaping carefully, and it may be easy to reach through the iron bars and access the gate lock, so this too is a consideration.

2. For maximum security with children and pets

A vinyl mesh fence might be somewhat easy for adults to climb as they can pull themselves up and onto the mesh, but children may not have the same strength to do this, so this might be a good choice to keep your children inside the yard. Mesh with a very tight weave is also good for pets, as they're not likely to get their noses stuck in such a small opening. Wood fences are also good for keeping children and pets secure.

3. For security around a pool

Glass fencing is almost always preferred around a pool, as a tall glass fence keeps children, pets, and unwelcome guests out of the pool but doesn't block your view. The glass is also very durable against pool chemicals, as it won't rust or rot like other materials.

4. For maximum privacy

Wood fences or vinyl that is stamped to look like wood can be very private and very attractive, but note that wood needs consistent maintenance. A metal panel fence is much more durable while still offering privacy, and you can opt for metal that is stamped or even coloured so it matches your home's exterior. A chain link or hurricane fence can have vinyl or rubber straps woven through the links or mesh to block off the view. This can be more affordable than wood or metal and may have a more traditional look that fits in with other yards in the neighbourhood.