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Pool Fencing Tips

Hi, I’m Cherie – welcome to my blog! I have three children, all of whom like to bring their friends around to play in our garden. Sometimes I think the whole neighbourhood is out there! I can’t keep an eye on the kids all the time when they are outside and I have been worrying about what might happen with our pool. I’ve taught all our kids to swim, but not all their friends are confident around water. We decided that the best thing to do would be to upgrade our pool fencing so that kids couldn’t access the pool without someone letting them in. I started this site to share some of tips and advice we got when we were choosing the right kind of kid-safe fencing for our pool. Hope you find it useful!



Which Fencing Material Is Right for Your Property?

When you start consulting with fencing contractors for a new fence, you need to keep in mind that this structure is an investment for your home. instead of basing your decision on how much the project will be, you should put into consideration factors sic as the durability fo the fence as well as the degree of upkeep required to maintain the appearance of the fence. This piece highlights a few fencing materials so you can decide what will be right for your property.

Wrought iron

This type of fencing is not likely to go out of style as it offers a classic, ornate appeal to any residence. Wrought iron fencing is famed for being incredibly sturdy, so you can be assured of durability if you take good care of your fencing. Moreover, wrought iron fencing is hard, making it immune to hard impact, even if you are mowing your lawn.

A notable drawback of wrought iron fencing is that it is highly vulnerable to corrosion making it a poor choice for coastal areas. If you do pick this type of fencing, you should engage in periodic maintenance in the form of coating the fence with linseed oil or liquid was so that it stays free of rust. If you do notice that the wrought iron fence is flaking, it is imperative to have fencing contractors restore it for you.


Another type of fence that has been utilised for centuries is timber. The biggest selling point of timber fencing is that you can get it a vast array of options. From a myriad of species to different colours, everyone can find timber fencing to suit their taste. Nonetheless, timber fencing is known to be prone to decay if it is not sealed both correctly and routinely. Thus, homeowners that choose timber fencing should be prepared to engage in labour-intensive maintenance if the fence is to stay pristine for the long term.


If you are a busy person and do not want to waste any precious time on inspecting and maintaining your fence, then you should let your fencing contractors know that aluminium is your preferred material. This material offers an assortment of benefits ranging from being lightweight and easy to handle, incredible durability as well as recyclability. Although you may want to paint your aluminium fencing for aesthetic purposes, the fence can stay bare without the risk of succumbing to weathering. The main cause of concern to have with aluminium is that it is not strong, so it should not be utilised for security purposes.

To learn more about these options, contact local fencing contractors.