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Pool Fencing Tips

Hi, I’m Cherie – welcome to my blog! I have three children, all of whom like to bring their friends around to play in our garden. Sometimes I think the whole neighbourhood is out there! I can’t keep an eye on the kids all the time when they are outside and I have been worrying about what might happen with our pool. I’ve taught all our kids to swim, but not all their friends are confident around water. We decided that the best thing to do would be to upgrade our pool fencing so that kids couldn’t access the pool without someone letting them in. I started this site to share some of tips and advice we got when we were choosing the right kind of kid-safe fencing for our pool. Hope you find it useful!



Your Guide to Choosing the Best Enclosed Cargo Trailer

Enclosed cargo trailers are becoming more popular than their open counterparts because they protect the cargo from harsh weather conditions, offer some level of safety and privacy, and are big enough to accommodate different types of goods. Even with such clarity on the most preferred cargo trailers, finding the perfect enclosed cargo trailer for your needs may still be challenging. You want to go over some factors before narrowing your choice to the absolute best. To help you, here are the top considerations to think about when you're in the market for an enclosed cargo trailer.


The size of your cargo will definitely influence the size of enclosed cargo trailer you choose. The rule of the thumb when deciding on the size of trailer to choose is to always go for an enclosed trailer that is slightly bigger than the cargo you intend to carry. This is helpful in case you may need to add any other items. If you have oversized cargo, you may request for a custom-built trailer with an additional height to fit the cargo. Typically, this will cost you more.

Type of Axles

Before making your purchase, you want to consider the mode of cargo loading and hauling. Therefore, evaluate the type of axles on the enclosed cargo trailer you intend to buy. You may think of leaf spring or torsion axles. The latter have rubber springs while the former come with steel springs. In addition, leaf spring axles are relatively cheaper than their torsion counterparts. With reference to maintenance, torsion axles are considerably easier to maintain.

Tandem axles and single axles are also other options you may think of. If you are carrying heavy-duty loads, consider choosing tandem axles. These types of axles are also ideal if you're carrying your cargo over uneven terrain. They offer better handling than single axle trailers.

Irrespective of the axle system you choose, it is a good idea to go for one that has axle brakes. Axle brakes will give the driver an easy time, especially when negotiation sharp corners.

The Type of Roofing

When choosing an enclosed cargo trailer, look at the type of the roof on the cargo. If you plan to store the trailer in your garage or any other place that may have limited overhead space, consider one with a flat roof. However, flat roofs can allow build-up of snow or accumulation of water, which may have significant damages. Therefore, if you keep your trailer outside and are worried about the build-up of snow, consider buying a trailer with a curved roof.