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Pool Fencing Tips

Hi, I’m Cherie – welcome to my blog! I have three children, all of whom like to bring their friends around to play in our garden. Sometimes I think the whole neighbourhood is out there! I can’t keep an eye on the kids all the time when they are outside and I have been worrying about what might happen with our pool. I’ve taught all our kids to swim, but not all their friends are confident around water. We decided that the best thing to do would be to upgrade our pool fencing so that kids couldn’t access the pool without someone letting them in. I started this site to share some of tips and advice we got when we were choosing the right kind of kid-safe fencing for our pool. Hope you find it useful!



The Design Options Available To You When Considering Wood Fencing

Fences and gates are a staple for most homes. However, opting to have a fence erected or a gate installed is not simply about hiring fencing contractors and leaving it up to them. You would have to make a decision on what type of materials that you would like to be used for your fencing. Although there is a wide assortment of materials to choose from, ranging from wrought iron to PVC, timber remains a popular option with homeowners looking for a classic, rustic charm for their home. If timber is one of your preferred materials, you should also make a decision on what style of fencing would suit your premises. Below are some of the different design options available to you when considering wood fencing.

Vertical board fencing

As the name suggests, this type of wood fencing is made of vertical boards of wood. The fencing contractors will install the boards of wood slightly overlapping each other. This creates a completely opaque fence, which would make it suitable for homeowners who are looking to shield their premises from the roving eyes of passersby and neighbours. It should be noted, though, that with vertical board fencing, you will also not be able to see what is past your property boundary lines as there is not space in between the boards of wood.

Panel board fencing

This is also a popular fencing option of privacy is one of your primary concerns for your home. This type of fencing is structured similarly to vertical board fencing. The main different is that the wood panels are arranged close together with slight space in between them, unlike vertical boards that lie overlapping each other. Panel fencing will make it hard for outsiders to peep into our property, but it will afford you limited view past your property lines.

Lattice wood fencing

If you are seeking decorative fencing for your property, then lattice wood fencing would be right up your alley. This type of feigning is fencing by ornate designs that have spaces in between them. The lattice fencing can also be used to grow climbing plants on our property, which will eventually turn the lattice fencing into a green fence. Nevertheless, lattice fencing does not provide much when it comes to securing the privacy of our home. Therefore, they are better suited for internal applications, such as pool fencing, rather than perimeter fencing. However, if you would still like the lattice design, you could have a lattice installed on top of an opaque fence to make it look more aesthetically appealing.